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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Invisalign in San Diego

Restorative Dentistry, Actual Patient at Complete Dental Health, Hillcrest Dentist in San Diego, CA

Are you considering straightening your teeth but dreading the idea of wearing metal braces? Look no further than Invisalign clear aligners Invisalign has revolutionized the orthodontic industry, offering a discreet, comfortable, and convenient alternative to traditional braces. Here are the top 5 reasons why Invisalign is the best choice for straightening your smile in San … Read more

The Advantages of Invisalign Treatment

Restorative Dentistry, Actual Patient at Complete Dental Health, Hillcrest Dentist in San Diego, CA

A radiant, straight smile is not only visually appealing but also contributes to optimal oral health. If you’re seeking a discreet and effective way to achieve a straighter smile, Invisalign treatment from Complete Dental Health in San Diego could be the solution you’ve been looking for. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the advantages … Read more

The Benefits of Composite Fillings

Smiling Patient, Meet Rommel at Complete Dental Health, Hillcrest Dentist in San Diego, CA

Traditionally, dentists have used what’s known as amalgam, or special metal alloys, to fill cavities. However, modern dental medicine has advanced to the point that San Diego dentist Dr. Timothy Collins can offer patients a much better option for filling holes caused by tooth decay: composite fillings. At Complete Dental Health, we would like to … Read more

The Way Your Teeth Meet: Overbite Edition

Do you know the status of your occlusion? That’s the technical term used to describe the way your maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) teeth align. If you happen to have a bite that doesn’t connect quite right—or at all—it’s referred to as a malocclusion. You might ask yourself, “Well, I can eat and speak without … Read more

Veneers – Not Just for the Silver Screen

There’s a lot of hair and makeup that goes into making your favorite stars sparkle on the screen. And while we can’t all hire a professional artist to make us look perfect every day, there is a lasting solution to giving you that perfect Hollywood smile – veneers! San Diego dentist Dr. Timothy Collins is an experienced … Read more

Bonding: A Perfect Smile is Always in Style

Whether you’ve never been thrilled with your smile, or it lacks the luster it once had, dental bonding is a multipurpose cosmetic and restorative dental procedure that can be performed on patients of all ages. Bonding has the capability to fill gaps, correct damage, and refurbish the overall structure and look of your teeth. Complete Dental Health wants … Read more

Why Have a Dental Implant?

Woman with Dental Implants for a better smile

Dental implants replace an entire tooth—including the root—with a permanent replacement. Dr. Timothy Collins can tell you it is the #1 most popular tooth replacement method in all of dentistry, but there are many reasons dental implant surgery may be recommended. Dental implants may work for you if you have one or more teeth missing, … Read more

Caring for Your Dentures

Taking Care of Your Dentures with Complete Dental Health, Hillcrest Dentist in San Diego, CA

The image of a glass full of false teeth on the nightstand is plastered all throughout popular culture. You would think that soaking your dentures in water and cleaner is sufficient, but Dr. Timothy Collins reminds us that proper denture care requires more than just that. In fact, denture maintenance is an important part of … Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry – A Beautiful Smile is a Powerful Thing

There is a law of nature that states: “function follows form.” This saying means that how something appears determines how it works. For example, you may own many screwdrivers of different sizes and shapes (form) to loosen all different kinds of screws (function). Think of a watering can with a long spout that’s perfect for … Read more